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France vs Croatia 4-2 – Highlights & Goals

 download-300x38 France vs Croatia 4-2 – Highlights & Goals

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Video France vs Croatia 4-2
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France vs Croatia 4-2 Download 15 July Final

Croatia are also unchanged from their win over . There were a number of standout performances in the contest, notably from Modric, Mandzukic and Perisic. However, Rebic and Vrsaljko were equally impressive, while Lovren had his moments at the back along with the key stop from Subasic. Dalic’s men have played above expectations throughout the tournament and will need to raise the level of their game this afternoon. Penny for the thoughts of , who was sent home after refusing to play as a substitute in the match.

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France are unchanged from the side that beat in the last four of the competition. The back four has been one of the surprising elements of France’s success. Varane and Umtiti’s pedigree was well noted before the tournament and both players have been a rock, especially in the last two matches. However, the peformances of Hernandez and Pavard has been brilliant thus far. Energy has come in abudnance in the midfield, while the forward line has had grit and craft from Giroud and Griezmann. However, the superstar has been Mbappe. The 19-year-old could send out a statement for the years to come with a dominant display to win his team a World Cup.

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