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Download Music ALBUM: Mariah Carey “Caution” Mp3/Mp4/Lyrics

 download-300x38 Download Music ALBUM: Mariah Carey “Caution” Mp3/Mp4/Lyrics
 Download-Music-ALBUM-Mariah-Carey-“Caution”-Mp3Mp4Lyrics Download Music ALBUM: Mariah Carey “Caution” Mp3/Mp4/Lyrics

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– With her stunning, multi-octave voice, the Greenlawn native could easily be cranking out moneymaking collections of covers or adult pop ballads. Instead, she continues to forge her own way — right through the intersection of pop, R&B and hip-hop — with mixed results.

On her 15th studio ” (Epic), though, finds a groove that plays to her strengths and sticks with it. “” is packed with midtempo R&B ballads that don’t stray too far from the successful form of “We Belong Together” that reinstated her at the top of the charts.

The first single “With You” is the closest has come to a pure pop ballad in a while, though she does toss in a bit of hip-hop production at the beginning to let us know she hasn’t forgotten who she is. She even adds a few upper-register notes at the end to remind us of the “Vision of ” days.

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But there are a few too many ballads like “With You,” including “Portrait” and “One Mo’ Gan.” And when placed near the playful “A No No,” it becomes clear “” could have been a much better if simply let loose a bit more. “A No No” finds her in a fun-loving, yet defiant mood, declaring, “Snakes in the grass, it’s time to cut the lawn” before her protests of “I said no” get louder and the hip-hop groove gets deeper. She also gets a bit giddy when she offers to translate “No” into different languages. That and “Stay Long You,” which features Gunna, are rare moments of levity on an that feels mostly serious and even a bit worried.

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has always been best when she gets the chance to take risks, like on the underappreciated “E=MC2” , or when she was hanging with Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Jay-Z. Considering all she’s done, “” may be a little too safe.

2: With You
4: A No No
5: The Distance (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
6: Giving Me Life (feat. Slick Rick & Blood Orange)
7: One Mo’ Gen
8: 8th Grade
9: Stay Long You (feat. Gunna)
10: Portrait

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