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Download Music ALBUM: Imagine Dragons – Origins Mp3/Mp4/Lyrics

 Download-Music-ALBUM-Imagine-Dragons-–-Origins-Mp3Mp4Lyrics Download Music ALBUM: Imagine Dragons – Origins Mp3/Mp4/Lyrics

Music ALBUM: Dragons – Origins

Dragons Origins Album – The Las Vegas rock band’s fourth album is categorically soaring and sometimes pleasant, but it is so broad and hollow that it is difficult to feel anything these guys are feeling.

Dragons have become a case study for rock music fading out of the zeitgeist. The rise of the Las Vegas rock band in 2013 coincided with the lull in the format’s popularity, yet, remarkably, they were a runaway success. Their breakthrough hit, “Radioactive,” stayed on the Hot 100 chart for a record-setting 87 weeks. They turned down their guitars and turned up every expensive synth pad known to , and exactly one collaboration with later, they were one of the biggest new rock bands in the country.

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How did Dragons become so huge despite the fact that the average American couldn’t pick out a single Dragon in a lineup? Their sound is kind of like the machine learning output of the Lumineers, the Chainsmokers, and a SoulCycle playlist. After the breakout success of “Radioactive,” Dragons’ sophomore record, Smoke + Mirrors, topped the Billboard chart in its first week. Their third album, 2017’s Evolve, sold 147,000 copies in its first week, an incredible amount in the streaming era. It had the inescapable “Thunder,” a that bored itself deep into the collective consciousness thanks in part to a mind-numbingly catchy chorus and ubiquitous Microsoft and Jeep ads.

Since Dragons scaled to a mass audience so quickly, their songs have had to stay just as huge. They make low-hanging-fruit music, which can be great in theory, but because of all the styles it stitches together, their songs something more distant and mutated. On their new album, Origins, Reynolds finds himself on the other side of the personal darkness that shaded Evolve, emerging with a more positive outlook, a world-weary curiosity now turned outward. Reynolds feels compelled to turn his attention to this modern life, outlining his grievances in language that feels almost too accessible: “How many artists fear the light? Fear the pain, go insane?” he asks on “Bullet in a Gun.” On closer “Real Life” he ponders, “Hey, turn your phone off, won’t you look me in my eye?/Can we live that real life?” Do we live in a society? Dragons are almost positive we do.


and enjoy the album via reelmp3 media below.

01: Natural (3:09)
02: Boomerang (3:07)
03: Machine (3:01)
04: Cool Out (3:37)
05: Bad Liar (4:20)
06: West Coast (3:37)
07: Zero (From the Original Motion Picture “Ralph Breaks The Internet”) (3:30)
08: Bullet In A Gun (3:24)
09: Digital (3:21)
10: Only (3:00)
11: Stuck (3:10)
12: Love (2:46)
13: Birds (3:39)
14: Burn Out (4:33)
15: Real Life (4:07)

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